Other Treatments

Naturopathic Assessment & Treatments

Dr Jennifer Davis treats all kinds of protocols. Naturopathic Initial consultation requires extensive assessment and evaluation on your Health, Health history, any types of medical test, assessing your physiology signs and symptoms, iridology, live blood analysis and treatment plan. Duration 1 hr 15 mins – $95/person, Couple $160 and Students & Pensioners $65. See other services for specific treatment

Follow-up on discussion on issues or test discussion $35. Please see our offers in the special offer section.

 Dr Jen will fully assess you on your core issues and symptoms. We also have all sort of test to suit your choice or concern. Following from there,

In addition, Dr Jen will assist and suggest your planning for optimal health where you can enjoy your life to the fullest.

Dr Jennifer Davis will ask you about your diet, lifestyle, family background and environment, as well as the history of any illnesses or complaints. After taking a detailed health history, Dr Davis may use other techniques, such as: holistic approach, kinesiology, mineral analysis, iridology, blood analysis stool and urine analysis, hair analysis, functional testing and any medical history or examination you have.

Test & Analysis

Dr Jennifer Davis Diagnostic & Analysis for all types of testing

Pain Treatments – Acupunture, Supplements & Cupping